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Why Turkey?

Economic Structure and Foreign Investment: Turkey is following technological improvements in the world and strengthening its economy day by day. The state works hard to ensure decisive growth in the economy. Already, globally-known Turkish companies demonstrate that the economy is growing fastly each passing day. New companies and new workspaces with the support of the government also invigorate Turkey’s economy. The Turkish government supports foreign investors and buyers in the country and makes it easier for them to invest. Nowadays, the Turkish Government provides many conveniences in the matter of Turkish citizenship.

Benefits of Turkish Passport

Turkey is visited by thousands of people from all around the world every day. Turkey holds great wealth like natural beauties, cultural values, historical structure and geographical advantages. Turkish passport and Turkish Citizenship very important terms for many foreigners. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship and passport is very easy nowadays. Foreigners may gain Turkish Citizenship and passport with the occasion of buying a property or making an investment on the requested amount. You may travel to 77 countries with Visa-Free and 7 countries with e-Visa when a Turkish passport is obtained.

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

• You can get a Turkish passport and citizenship into only 30 workdays according to the new regulation in law.
• You may visit easily to 77 countries with visa-free and have easy entrance rights to 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
• Turkish passport is within the top 30 passports over the world.
• This passport provides you free education and university refund plans.
• You don’t need a residence permit in the period required.
• When you have this passport, you can benefit from pension programs like a Turkish citizen.
• You have the rights on the voting for all types of elections.
• You benefit from all the medical rights.
• Turkish passport’s validness is 10 years. You should read the information about dual citizenship.

Real Estate: Your Way To Get A Citizenship In Turkey

In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in the ownership in Turkey, especially in the field of real estate investment, where this vital sector witnessed unprecedented support from the Turkish government.

Visa Requirements

This year, according to Henley Passport Index, Turkey is ranked globally 38th country with 114 points on the visa-free travel index. People can visit 72 countries without visa thanks to the Turkish passport in reference to the report of Henley. Turkish passport supplies to enter 42 countries with a visa on arrival. Visa on arrival is taken in the airport without applying previously. Holders of the Turkish passport can travel 7 countries with electronic authorization or online visa (eVisa).

Property Consulting

Ask for the real estate consultancy service in Turkey, through our most skilled professionals in the field of real estate marketing, development, and investment.

The real estate consultancy in Turkey provides information and preliminary expectations for investors in the Turkish real estate sector whether about the costs of the investment projects or the expected yield, as well as the supply and demand related to the real estate project.

Property Marketing

Marketing: it is the business activity that directs the flow of products and services from places of production to the places of consumption or use.

Marketing is also defined as a set of integrated activities performed by the facility to facilitate exchanges in the field of real estate. Marketing actually does two basic things:

  • Creating the demand: that would be by identifying the opportunities for real estate marketing, marketing research, planning for the real estate products, advertising, publishing, promoting, and pricing.
  • Serving the demand: that would be by the actual completion of the exchange process. This can be done at many levels most important of which in the field of real estate marketing are the technical services, distribution outlets, selections of customers sectors, and funding.

Property Management

The property management company in Turkey is the company that manages the property that you have purchased in Turkey. Most of the time, the real estate company from which you purchased the property is the one providing the service. This service may include full care of the property (including arrangement, Maintenance expenses, etc.). The property management company also works to assist you in renting out your property and provide you with the investment return reports of the property.

Reception And Real Estate Tours

If you are serious about real estate owning and investing in Turkey, we are ready to welcome you at the airports in Turkey and book the hotel for you, to show you the largest group of real estates in Turkey.

Information about living in Turkey

Due to the intellectual, economic, and social progress that Turkey enjoys, it has become a destination for many to reside in and live in its cities and neighborhoods, as it has the foundations that underpin the European Renaissance and the advanced countries, and in addition to that, the residents have found in Turkey, the safety they are looking for, as there are many common connections between Arab society in general and the Turkish society, especially in the areas of the common religion and what follows it of respect for rituals, and this is a major challenge for every Arab looking to emigrate and reside in the developed countries.

Also, a large part of the Turkish society respects and preserve the rules of neighboring, and they believe in freedom and the multiplicity of ideas in a way that makes the resident or the investor feel reassurance and safety, which is the first thing a person looking to live in it asks about.

In the last two decades, Turkey distinguished by a remarkable qualitative transition at all levels, which made it a destination for all nationalities and nations to reside in, in search of a decent life or to add to this decent life a kind of financial investment through projects they establish and benefit from, to keep on the lifestyle they have.

How-to and requirements of moving and living in Turkey

Many people ask about how they can come and live in Turkey, and we will explain in detail how people can move to Turkey.

The first step that guarantees you the move to Turkey to live in lies in applying to the Turkish embassies and obtaining a visa, and after obtaining it, you can find several types of residency permits If you want to continue to stay on Turkish land, where the residence permit enables you to continue your life normally. In Turkey, buying a property is still the top of these options, and there is a short-term residence permit aka tourist stay, and there is a long-term residence permit, or what is known as the permanent residence permit in Turkey, which is granted to those who reside over the Turkish lands continuously without interruption for eight years according to specific conditions, and there is the work residence permit which is granted to foreigners who are employees in Turkish companies, also there is the student residence permit which is granted to students who come to Turkey to study in Turkish universities, and there is the family residence permit which is granted to a man who is married to a Turkish woman or a woman who is married to a Turkish man, in this case, the non-Turkish husband/wife can apply for Turkish citizenship after three years. Also, a family residence permit can be obtained for the family of the employees who hold a work residence permit.

There is also a residence permit through buying a property that is renewed every year, and it is also issued to the wife/husband and children under the age of eighteen.

Advantages of living in Turkey

Perhaps one of the first important advantages of living in Turkey is a phenomenon that every resident felt, which is the fact that there is no complexity, as the Turkish people are known for the simplicity in their life and the nature of their living system, this has been reflected in their official departments as well as their health, educational, and service facilities significantly, even in the way they eat and drink, there are no such huge class differences.

On the technical level, there are applications available for all residents through which they can issue their official documents, also Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of electronic marketing, everything you need can be found in these applications and will arrive in your house fast.

Also, studying is one of the important aspects that the resident or investor really take in consideration, whether continuing education for children or starting it, Turkey has attracted through the scholarship system many students worldwide, which contributed to the formation of a positive Arab awareness that students have lived, and in turn, they became ambassadors in their countries attracting more students, because Turkey has a great number of universities with advanced international standards, which grants everyone the opportunity to pursue and complete their education, due to the quality of education, ease of registration, low costs, and the diversity of specializations in various fields, and in addition to the government education, it also includes a lot of special education facilities.

The amazing nature also plays an important role in making life in Turkey so special, where Turkey is one of the leading countries in attracting tourists every year because of its suitable climate, and due to its large geographical area with more than eighty provinces, each one has hundreds of natural features, tourist facilities, and public parks, also Turkey is overlooking many seas, have a lot of rivers, and most of its provinces are covered with green lawns and tall trees, making it more beautiful.

Also, the job opportunities in Turkey are what makes the nature of life in it special, because it is one of the developed countries in the fields of industries and free business, due to a large number of expatriates, factories, and establishments, creating many opportunities for various businesses, such as real estate, translation, free business, small shops, foreign trade, medical services, in addition to the educational and tourism aspects, all of which are contained in laws that protect the investors and provide them the means to continue.


Disadvantages of living in Turkey

Perhaps the most important disadvantages of living in Turkey is related to the language, as the Turks prefer to communicate in their language and love those who speak it, therefore, the residents in Turkey face difficulty in communication, but the Turkish language is one of the languages that can be learned very quickly, and soon you find yourself able to speak the first communication sentences, and little by little, you practices the language and delves into it. There are countless examples of residents being able to master this language that has a large number of Arabic words in it.

In addition, due to the fact that the major provinces contain a mixture of races and people, there comes the reason to increase caution and guard against being robbed, but this phenomenon is very small in comparison with other societies, and there is a strict security system to maintain social security, which makes this negative phenomenon rare, therefore, the resident is advised not to carry a large sum of money with him and to hold bank cards instead, which are available in every store and shop and they enable its holder to shop and buy, another thing is that the transportation in the major provinces is crowded, which makes moving in private cars a stressful matter to some extent, however, the Turkish government has provided the metro system and it has greatly reduced this negative aspect and made the public transportation easy for everyone.

The cost of living in Turkey

Living in Turkey, in general, does not fall within the range of high cost, especially if it is compared to other countries of the world that have similar characteristics in urbanization and classiness, where the minimum paycheck -or the minimum wage- meets the human need in a decent medium-cost life, and this matter is also relative according to every person’s financial capabilities and life needs.

In general, the minimum wage is estimated at two thousand and five hundred Turkish liras, which is sufficient for the living of a small family including the food, drink, and housing. It worth noting that the neighborhoods differ, as is known, in the rental cost.

There are also fundamental differences between the provinces that have an active tourist movement nature, where the prices rise in them compared to the provinces that do not have tourism as a primary source of income, living in Ankara, for example but not limited to, is less expensive than living in Istanbul, Bursa, or Antalya, for the mentioned reasons.